Miller Horticultural was founded in 1984. 
We Import and manufacture home and garden products.
Most of our products are imported from the far east. We design many of our most innovative products.

We support store front retailers in our categories. Valid resale license required.
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Great Prices
Compare our prices and support business that give you great prices from the start. No tricky discounts! We don't mark up to mark down.

Great Freight
East of the Rockies and Californian we have flat rate pallet shipping. Compare our rates to your state! Fill up a pallet and realize freight cost as low as 4%.

Beat the Box Store
Our product mix and originality is seldom found in the big stores. Our unique advantage give’s you product that is unique, original and creative. Our sharp price’s helps your competitive edge. Our pallet pottery program assures you can BEAT THE BOX'S.


Rules/Catalog Codes

[2/4] innerpack 2 case contains 4 please order in multiples of innerpack.
[P2/4] Proceeding P indicate must be shipped in pallet.

S indicate sold only in sets - The price is for the set S/3 indicate set of 3. In most cases sizes will be graduated.

Pottery Sizes
Pottery sizes are noted (width by height) sizes are always at the widest point (outside diameter). Please indicate your preferred color.

We accept Mastercard Visa - net 30 with approved credit. First order by Credit card. A credit card authorization form may be required from customer.

Always read description - color or form may vary from picture.

No Returns